Dr. Pranay Patra.

Dr. Pranay Kumar Patra, a Naturopath, has developed a unique process of curative treatment for all types of Musculo-Skeletal disorders (body aches).

Dr. Pranay Patra

He has been providing this treatment for the last 15 years to thousands of patients suffering from excruciating pain at neck, shoulder, chest, hand, back, waist, leg, knee etc.

His treatment named as ROOT CAUSE ELIMINATION THERAPY does not involve any kind of medicine or instrument. It is similar to osteopathy based on the principles of chiropractics and massage therapy.

This treatment is so effective that a good number of patients could avoid surgical operations suggested to them earlier. Dr. Patra runs a pain management clinic, PAIN RELIEF in Pune (India) details of which can be found on our “Contact Us” tab.