When someone suffers from excruciating pain in the body (body ache), he/she generally believes that the problem lies where the pain is experienced but that is not true in the case of musculo-skeletal disorders. The real cause of the pain is the contractions of some of the nerves and muscles, hidden elsewhere in the body. These contractions happen due to degenerative processes and faulty postures which create a mechanical imbalance between the musculo-skeletal system and the nervous system of the body, the root cause of the disease. Even the prolapsing of disc, reduction of intra-vertebral space and other spinal problems are caused due to the said hidden contractions.

Back Pain

The required treatment for the relief of this pain is to normalize that very particular hidden contraction and to bring back the harmony between the musculo-skeletal and nervous systems. With much ease the contracted muscles and nerves responsible for the pain are detected and then normalized using this unique process of treatment. It is similar to Osteopathy and based on the principles of Chiropractics and massage therapy. During this process, patients start realising the hidden pain and when that is eliminated the complained pain disappears. No medicine or instrument is used. During treatment, the complained painful part is not touched at all because that aggravates the pain but when the hidden pain is normalized, the disease is cured. This process is named as ROOT CAUSE ELIMINATION (RCE) therapy; it is unique, entirely different from the other available treatments. It is developed after many years of devotion and practice of Dr. Patra.

This RCE therapy is very much result oriented and its success rate is too high. Any practitioner or institute, who are in the field of the treatment of musculo-skeletal disorders and interested to have the knowledge of this treatment, may contact us.