Tennis Elbow and Any Pain At Hand

In simple word, tennis elbow is a painful state of elbow joint, felt at the posterior part during each movement of the hand. It does not mean that it is developed only to the tennis players; anybody can suffer from this problem. Patients feel excruciating pain at a particular point, thus facing difficulty in using that hand.

Other types of pain at hand happen due to some sprain or muscular contraction or may be due to an old case of injury.

Tennis Elbow

CAUSE: In all the above cases, it is seen that muscles at both upper and lower arm lose their flexibility and become very stiff. For tennis elbow (or lateral epicondylitis), it is due to the inflammation of the tendon that joins the forearm muscle with the outer part of the elbow. The forearm muscle and tendon are damaged for overuse.

TREATMENT: There are many treatments available; for us it is a non medicinal osteopathic treatment. It helps to bring back the normalcy of the contracted muscles, tendons and nerves with a healing touch. It acts like magic, a series of exercises are shown thereafter. For tennis elbow, normalization of scapular region and triceps muscle is an essential task with which numbers of people are cured within one week’s time.

Cervical Spondylosis and Neckpain

Neck is the most mobile and flexible part of the spine, moves nearly 6000 times a day. It has 7 vertebrae, C1 to C7, through which the spinal cord passes and from each joint, one pair of Spinal nerves come out from the spinal cord which goes up to the tips of the fingers. All these vertebrae are linked with facet joints and supported by surrounding muscles so as to enable the neck to bend or rotate easily.

These muscles play the most important role for a healthy cervical spine. Sometimes there happens a contraction in any one or more muscles which creates a pulling action between them and the spine, resulting a misalignment or twisting of the vertebrae. That is the main reason for the compression at the root of the spinal nerves.

Cervical Spondylosis

CAUSE: Cervical spondylosis is a degenerative disease of the spine in which intra-vertebral space at the neck is reduced causing compression at the roots of the spinal nerves. Patients feel a crippling pain at neck, shoulder and sometimes even arms, along the path of the compressed nerve. They may also have headaches, dizziness, vertigo, auditory disturbance and tingling sensation in addition to the pain.

There is a natural phenomenon that when we are in thought process or under mental stress, our chest collapses making a frontal bend and the scapula (shoulder blade) possesses an upward pull and creates a contraction between the neck and the scapula. After a period of time this creates a mechanical imbalance between the musculo-skeletal system and the nervous systems, thus the pain.

Wrong posture of sleeping aggravates this pain. So, ensure that proper support is given to the neck, while sleeping, so that the natural structure of the spine is not disturbed. Excessive driving, jerks and jolts are essentially to be avoided.

TREATMENT: Elimination of that nerve root compression is the needed treatment and that can be achieved only by normalizing the contracted muscles. It helps the twisted vertebrae to come back to their original position and maintain the alignment. There are various methods of treatment available but the actual one needed is to normalize the tensed peripheral nerves at the upper part of the chest and to loosen the stiffness of those muscles, which have disturbed the alignment of the cervical spine. Yoga therapy, physiotherapy, chiropractics, traction, exercise are helpful but enhancement of blood circulation by an osteopathic process of treatment brings a wonderful result. It has got the specialty to cure such patients with additional symptom of vertigo or giddiness.

Frozen Shoulder and Restriction of Movement of Hands

This is a very painful disease, generally occurs between 40 to 60 years of age. Hand movement gets restricted, shoulder joint becomes immobile and patients experience excruciating pain, more while on sleeping or moving the hand.

frozen shoulder

CAUSE: Though the specific reason for frozen shoulder is not known but it is said to be a degenerative phenomenon due to oxidative stress. Mostly it is considered to be due to the inflammation and stiffness of the connective tissue surrounding the glenohumeral joint of the shoulder. Other reasons may be due to the growth of abnormal bands of tissue between the joint surfaces or inadequate production of synovial fluid, a jellylike substance that lubricates the shoulder joint to move. Sometimes, stiffness in the elbow joint or contraction at the armpit chest is also found to be the main reason for the frigidity and pain. It is more painful because patients do not get desired relief from the medicinal treatment. Everywhere they are advised to exercise by raising their hand additional and more and rotating it number of times but it is so painful that they prefer to discontinue it.

TREATMENT: Since the patients do not get desired relief from the medicinal treatment (also from surgery), they have to depend on physical treatment. Enhancement of blood supply and nerve supply at the diseased part is the needed treatment to cure the ailment from root cause .There are many methods available but the preferred one is that which cures it from the root cause and without much trouble. Proper detection of hidden contractions of nerves and muscles is the most important factor in this treatment. When those contractions are made normal, results come automatically and patients can move their hands freely. There are many non medicinal treatments available but osteopathic process of treatment provides the best result. After that they are advised to do certain exercises or asanas for a few days to have a permanent relief.

Chest Pain and Mid Back Pain

Chest pain is a much known disease, mainly happens due to cardiac problem but many a times it is felt without any cardiac ailment. Various tests are done to find out the exact reason and when no cardiac problem is traced, Doctors confirm it might have happened due to muscular contractions. Muscle reluctant and pain killers do not help much. So the patients have to suffer a lot, do not find a remedy. Months after months, years after years they are compelled to bear the pain and heaviness and have sleepless nights.

Mid back pain is not a very common ailment but when happens, it makes the patients bed ridden. Entire posterior trunk or a part of it gets effected resulting restriction of movement of body. Patients feel excruciating pain on each movement; sometimes they feel difficulty in breathing.

CAUSE:The main reason for both the ailments i.e., chest pain without cardiac problem and mid back pain is the contraction of the peripheral nervous system at the dorsal region. This contraction may be due to severe stress or fluctuation of climatic temperature or any unknown reason.

TREATMENT: Detection of the root cause contraction, hidden in the body, is the important factor of this treatment. As soon as that is detected, needed treatment is to normalise that contraction. Surprisingly, within munities’ time Dr. Patra, with his healing touch makes it normal and brings back the desired relief to the patients. He never touches the complained painful area of the chest or back but cures the problem for ever very easily. It is highly difficult to believe that such a painful problem has so easy solution. Seeing or experiencing is believing; so any one suffering from this pain come with confidence. Doctors of various fields are requested to send such patients without any hesitation.

Lumbar Spondylitis & Any Kind Of Lumber Pain (Backache)

Lumbar spine consists of 5 vertebrae, L1 to L5, L1 at the top and L5 just above the sacrum. In between there are 5 joints from each of which one pair of spinal nerves are coming out and spreading to the legs. For any reason if intra vertebral space is reduced at one or more joints, the nerves get compressed and thus the pain. Lumbar spondylosis is a painful condition of the spine resulting from the degeneration of the intra vertebral disc.

Lumbar spondylitis

There are other types of lumbar pain (backache) happen due to muscle stiffness, sudden fall or lifting of heavy weight etc. Nature and character wise each one is different from the other. Patients feel excruciating pain, more when they move.

Lumbar spondylitis

CAUSE: Anatomically, all our spinal vertebrae are getting strength and support from the surrounding muscles down below. So the condition of our spine depends on how healthy those muscles are. Due to many reasons, there happens contraction to one or more of those muscles which in turn disturbs the harmony in the musculo-skeletal system and creates a misalignment in the spine in the form of twisting or tilting of vertebrae or reduction of intra vertebral space. Then the disc in between two vertebrae is coming into compression resulting a protrusion or herniation of that disc which in turn compresses the nerve coming out from that joint. Sometimes it indents the thecal sac, a sheath that protects the spinal cord from any outside touch.

TREATMENT: The needed treatment is to eliminate that contraction from the patient’s body. If the pain is at L4-L5 joint, the contraction should be near the hip joint where as if that is at L5-S1 joint, the contraction should be near the buttock point and so on. There are two parts of the treatment; the first part is most important i.e., proper detection of the contraction (root cause) and the other part is normalisation (elimination of that contraction). The knowledge of chiropractics helps to detect the abnormality, the prime reason for the pain and the knowledge of muscle softening massage helps to normalise that. It may take 5-6 sittings to normalise but once that is achieved, the alignment at the spine is regained and the lumbar pain vanishes like magic. For a permanent relief 3-4 exercises are advised to do for few days, selected on the basis of the areas of contraction. This root cause elimination therapy is proved to be so effective that a good number of patients who were advised to go for surgical operation at lumbar could avoid the same after taking a few sessions of treatment from me.

Slipped Disc and Sciatica

To a common man, the term slipped disc presents a picture that a disc like object, situated between two vertebrae of spine, is slipped from its position, resulting pain in that region. To get relief from that pain, the disc is required to be put back to its original position. However, this is not the right conception.

Actually the disc is nothing but a small jelly-like mass enclosed by a ring type annular ligament and sited between two vertebral bodies at each joint of the spinal column. This annular ligament is very tough but elastic also, made to withstand the jerks & jolts as well as to enable our spinal column to bend or twist to a moderate degree.

Slipped disc is a phenomenon wherein a tear or rupture takes place in that annular ligament and disc is prolapsed or comes out of the vertebral joint and presses or strikes the nerve roots, resulting a crippling pain along the tract of the nerve affected.

Sciatica is a little different phenomenon. In this case pain is experienced in either of the legs along the path of the sciatic nerve. It is the longest nerve in our body, starts from lumbar region and spreads up to the small toe. Pain is felt at various places of the leg or whole of the leg depending on the severity. It is also felt more while standing or sitting.

CAUSE: Main reason for slipped disc is that (a) the annular ligament becomes less flexible and slightly brittle due to degenerative changes and (b) it gets ruptured due to a minor accident like a fall or slip or jerk or during lifting of weight etc.
For sciatica, it happens due to misalignment at the lumbar region. Intra-vertebral space becomes narrow; the disc becomes enlarged or oblong, resulting a compression to the root of the sciatic nerve.

TREATMENT: Elimination of that nerve root compression is the needed treatment and that can be achieved only by normalizing the contracted muscles, responsible for narrowing of the intra-vertebral space. That helps the effected vertebrae to come back to their original position and maintain the alignment.
There are various methods of treatment available but actually the needed one is a proper diagnosis of the root cause contraction which has disturbed the alignment of the lumbar spine and normalizing them with a result oriented method. Yoga therapy, physiotherapy, traction, exercise are helpful but enhancement of blood circulation by a skillful manipulation (osteopathy or chiropractics) brings a wonderful result. This root cause elimination therapy is the best alternative to the surgical operation, if advised to opt. Even post operative disorders are solved by this unique method of treatment.

Early Stage of Arthritis

Arthritis is a very common disease to the people worldwide; women are suffering more from this disease than men, mainly at their older age. Arthritis is a painful condition happens due to joint disorder. Patients complain about body aches, more at the joints. The most common form Arthritis is Osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint disease. Other common forms are Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gout, Infectious Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis etc, etc.



  1. Osteoarthritis: Cartilages are the thin layers on bones at the joints, made to resist the shock and to protect them from rubbing. Due to some reasons, they lose the elasticity, become stiff and gradually wear away. This damage compels the ligament and tendons to stretch more, thus the pain. This condition is termed as the early stage of arthritis. If proper care is not taken at this stage, bones start rubbing on each other causing severe pain at the joints.
  2. Rheumatoid Arthritis: It is a joint disorder, happens due to inflammation at the joints. Body’s own immune system starts to attack the body tissues. All our joints are filled with synovial fluid, acts as lubricant and surrounded by a capsule, synovial membrane. When this inflammation attacks that membrane, the joint gets swelled resulting immobility and pain. Significantly women are more affected than men at their age between 40 and 60. Fingers, toes, wrists, ankles, elbows and knees are mostly attacked by this disease and if not treated it leads to severe deformity within few years.
  3. Gout: It is caused by the inflammation at the joints due to the deposition of uric acid crystals. The joints become swollen and painful. Initially the gouty arthritis occurs only at one joint, mainly at the lower part of the leg but with times it occurs at many joints.
  4. Infectious Arthritis or Septic Arthritis: It occurs due to infection at the synovial fluid and tissues of the joint. The infection usually caused by the bacteria, travelled through bloodstream, also often caused by fungi and viruses. People with artificial joints are more at risk than others.
  5. Ankylosing Spondylitis: It is a form of arthritis that primarily affects the spine and over a period of time the other peripheral joints. It is a chronic inflammatory disease that makes the body immobile. The inflammation caused due to increase of C-reactive protein, a chemical in the blood synthesized by our lever.

TREATMENT: Our body is a fantastic machine created by God and during creation a doctor is sent along with it; that is blood. To cure any diseased part or organ, the body needs enhanced blood supply at the affected area – it is a natural phenomenon. So for the osteoarthritis, the most common treatment is to detect the abnormality in the muscles connected to the joints and to enhance blood circulation in them through therapeutic massage to regain the normalcy. Osteopathy, stretching exercises and other form of physical treatment also is effective. For rheumatoid, gouty and infectious arthritis yoga is must to be done along with medicinal treatment. For ankylosing spondylitis, there is no proper medicinal treatment, so osteopathic massage; forward, back & side bending and twisting exercises can keep the body flexible and mobile. One thing is to be kept in mind that early stage of arthritis can be cured but if it is delayed very difficult to do so.